The news column on diversity issues in the news media.

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Journal-isms in the Media

Journal-isms in the Media

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Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

Richard Prince is available for speaking engagements to groups of all sizes as well as media interviews and panel discussions.
Journal-isms in the Media

Journal-isms in the Media

For 13 years, Richard Prince has authored the three-times-a-week online column “Journal-isms”‘ to show how journalism shapes, or is shaped by, diversity.
Latest entries
It's All Right to Say 'White Supremacy'

It’s All Right to Say ‘White Supremacy’

Panelists ask what ‘racially tinged’ really means; Gregory’s 4 p.m. service called too late to cover; Clinton an astute media critic in new book; tribe faulted for Indian Country Today failures; Chideya named to J-post at Ford Foundation; Belton officially named editor-in-chief of The Root (9/18/17)
ESPN Public Editor Says Hill Violated Policy

ESPN Public Editor Says Hill Violated Policy

Tweeting employees must play by company’s rules; why were U.S. media slow on Caribbean disaster?; St. Louis paper: Outrage at verdict understandable; NBC names team to cover media; scant diversity; Study: Asian Americans still marginalized on TV; threatened Mexican journalist denied U.S. entry; blind journalist Reggie Anglen dies in Ohio; 'Kid' explains spoofing Kaepernick with...
Jemele Hill's Regret on 'Supremacist' Tweet

Jemele Hill’s Regret on ‘Supremacist’ Tweet

Trump spokeswoman: ESPN host should be fired (9/14/17)
A Town Loves Back Its 'Unapologetically Black' Anchor

A Town Loves Back Its ‘Unapologetically Black’ Anchor

800 invited guests pay tribute to Jim Vance; ESPN disowns Jemele Hill tweets on Trump, race; disillusioned, he says ‘NFL doesn’t respect humanity’ Mike Hodge dies, activist actor on TV, in newsroom (9/13/17)