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The news column on diversity issues in the news media.

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Now It’s the Girls on the Bus

Wednesday, February 10, 2016 NBC’s Welker Often “the Only Black Woman in the Room” Columnists Turn Attention to Deadly Football Head Injuries . . . And Others to Critics of Beyoncé’s Halftime Show Ferguson Urged to End “Game of Chicken” With Justice Dept. Reporter’s Own Lead Problem Led to 20-Part Series Fusion Says It Is...

Michael Feeney, Mentor With a Purpose

Monday, February 8, 2016 Service in Harlem Sanctuary Has Feel of NABJ Meeting NYU J-Students Say They Were Profiled at Rubio Event Critic Gives CBS “Solid Grade” for Super Bowl 50 Coverage Officials Urge Change After ProPublica-Daily News Report More Exonerated in 2015 Than in Any Other Year Mexicans Search for Kidnapped Reporter, a Mother...

Departing Editor Wins Over Community Critic

Monday, August 27, 2012 At a 2010 forum, an animated Aaron Jackson, a community member, asks Buffalo News Editor Margaret Sullivan whether the newspaper explored the criminal backgrounds of suburban victims. (Video) Buffalo’s Sullivan to Be N.Y. Times Public Editor Margaret Sullivan, the next public editor of the New York Times, wrote a farewell column...

So What Do You Do, Richard Prince, Columnist for the Maynard Institute?

Meet the man behind the popular “Journal-isms” column By Richard Horgan – August 22, 2012 Earlier this spring, veteran journalist Richard Prince marked the 40th anniversary of his landmark efforts against discriminatory practices at the Washington Post with a reunion of the so-called “Metro Seven.” The seven African-American “Metro” section reporters filed an Equal Employment...