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'Move Over, Lois Lane!'

‘Move Over, Lois Lane!’

Hit comic features black, bisexual tabloid reporter; Trump vents with reporters before SOTU; Smiley begins five-city tour on harassment; New Mexico keeps prisoners past release date; other cities eye Cleveland decision on Wahoo; Simeon Booker has company as newspaper pioneer; mogul says Arise network has beaten despair; Jacquie Jones dies at 52, led black programmers;...
The Man Who 'Integrated an Industry'*

The Man Who ‘Integrated an Industry’*

Those who followed honor Jet's Simeon Booker; Columbia J-School establishes civil rights center; Plain Dealer: Wahoo should have been long gone; Lemon asks what Trump is trying to hide; Melvin makes Spicer watch embarrassing moments; N.J. investigation totals the cost of bad cops; bystanders bombard Texas reporter with 'N-word'; a new approach to prepare journalists...
Top N.Y. Daily News Editor Portrayed as Vengeful

Top N.Y. Daily News Editor Portrayed as Vengeful

Robert Moore investigated in harassment claims; Jemele Hill leaving ‘SportsCenter’ for Undefeated; NABJ turns down Facebook scholarship project; HUD official sorry for calling Ryan ‘Miss Piggy’; NPR host touts alternative to CNN shout matches (1/27/18)
Masekela 'Placed Me on the Front Row of African History and Culture'

Masekela ‘Placed Me on the Front Row of African History and Culture’

U.S. photojournalist was South African’s biographer; Obama-Farrakhan photo published for first time; blacks, Latinos cite CNN for objectivity on cable; a ‘best actor’ surprised by lack of black reporters; 2 win $100,000 each for freelance reporting; ESPN The Magazine focuses on the black athlete; black journalist accuses progressive outlet (1/24/18)