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'Is Truth Dead' Under Trump?

‘Is Truth Dead’ Under Trump?

Media learn to cope with a prevaricator-in-chief; right-wing media hit Trump after health bill loss; not just reporters care about Trump’s returns; news outlets stonewall on political teams’ diversity; in scalding death, getting away with murder? Jay Z to tell Trayvon Martin story in film, on TV; Google to train Howard U. students in...
Reporting by Women Declining at Networks

Reporting by Women Declining at Networks

TV has widest gender gap among news media; '. . . WMC's numbers are not definitive'; South Sudan crisis gaining in U.S. media attention; Trump leaving public affairs office jobs unfilled; Jones used to ‘pissing people off on both sides’; Fox sidelines analyst over claim that Obama spied; ProPublica: Diversity crucial for its newsroom; Survey:...
What Breslin Taught Us, or Didn't, About Diversity

What Breslin Taught Us, or Didn’t, About Diversity

Reflections from 3 of color who knew him; Yuh: ‘Everything that happens today has a past’; Caldwell: ‘Judge a person by his body of work’; Witherspoon: ‘A relic of a discredited past’; one of the few reporters Berry would talk to; . . . Berry could insert the scalpel on race; Gorsuch should be questioned...
Brazile Flatly Denies Giving Questions to Clinton

Brazile Flatly Denies Giving Questions to Clinton

'I'm not going to allow the lies to stand'; media score Trump budget’s impact on poor; Claude Lewis, Philly pioneer, dies at 82; Bill Whitaker says race kept dad from being journalist; Journalist: Substitute teaching a heartbreaker; Md. boasts more diversity but resegregated schools; 211 journalists, citizen Journalists died in Syria (3/17/17)