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White Male Privilege a Problem? For #MeToo

White Male Privilege a Problem? For #MeToo

Women of color want links between movements; Smiley, suspended by PBS, announces new projects; imprisoned sexual abuse victims have no voice; Bezos gives $33 million for ‘Dreamer’ scholarships; press played role in rape case Oprah publicized; Daily News owns up to late columnist’s smear; Harvard Crimson Latinos on 'micro-aggressions' (1/12/18)
The Day It Became Easier to Say He's Racist

The Day It Became Easier to Say He’s Racist

President crudely insults El Salvador, Haiti, Africa (1/11/18)
What Was Oprah Really Saying?

What Was Oprah Really Saying?

Writer hears speech as call to the rest of us; . . . black women want return on their investment; Gilbert Cruz named N.Y. Times culture editor; ‘Latinas in Journalism’ draws 1,400 members; MSNBC wins black viewers in primetime cable; Omarosa gets passing reference in ‘Fire and Fury’ in Anti-Trump land, ignored by mainstream media; pot...
'Black Journalists Only, Please'

‘Black Journalists Only, Please’

Request after Erica Garner’s death prompts debate; U.S. Muslims projected to outnumber Jews by 2040; Simeon Booker services set for National Cathedral; Kotb won’t make near Lauer’s salary on ‘Today’; Henderson to return to Detroit Public TV; Marshall Project makes diversity a ‘central pillar’; K.C. Star forces release of chilling footage; St. Paul paper applauds...